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Welcome to Slim the Barber's Tonsorial Tutorials

ton•so•ri•al /tonsáwreeal/ adj. of or relating to a hairdresser or barber.

tu•to•ri•al /tootáwreeal/ n. a period of individual instruction given by a tutor.

Tell Me About Slim

The Premature Memoirs of Slim the Barber

Fades, Flat Tops and designs shaved in their heads were exactly what Kevin “Slim the Barber” Slimko and his friends wanted in high school. So after 2 failed attempts at ages 12 & 13 for Slim cutting his own hair, he decided at age 14 to just keep cutting his own hair until he got it right. It was a long six months or so before his cuts started to look like they weren’t cut by a 14 year old boy on his own head.

Before long, Slim had a small circle of steady clientele hanging out for hours in his parents’ garage getting haircuts under a single light bulb. Many laughs, arguments and deep conversations about basketball were had. Fast forward 11 years and Slim was still doing pretty much the same thing, but now it was for a living. Fast forward another 5 years and he was doing the same thing, but now it was in his own shop.

Throughout the time spent as a professional haircutter, Slim was asked many times if he taught classes. The answer was no for a long time. He was perfectly happy cutting in his own comfort zone, in a shop behind a chair that were very familiar to him. As time passed, Slim’s business grew and his life changed. As his business grew, he had to hire new workers for his barber shop. After mentoring his employees he decided the teaching thing might be a worthwhile endeavor.

He currently conducts classes at various salons and schools who he has partnered with to offer CE hours in IL. He does offer classes in your salon or barber shop, however, they do not include the CE hours. One of the best investments you can make is to have him demonstrate a haircut in your salon or barber shop and then stick around to help you and your staff cut models who you bring in for the class. It is also a good idea to watch some of his videos prior to the class so you can have questions ready while he is teaching.

Slim used to own a video production business. Having seen many instructional videos on haircutting, Slim decided he would be in a unique position of being able to demonstrate haircuts AND produce his own videos. While there are many great barbers with videos out there, some of them leave a little to be desired in production value. As you will see in the videos, they are not about Slim. They are about the haircuts he is demonstrating and what techniques to use while cutting them.

So please, by all means, don’t be shy. Send an email or talk to him on the phone to ask anything you would like to know about cutting hair or the business side of this industry.



Hands-On Demonstrations

Variable Pricing

You want to learn, Slim loves to teach. An assortment of options...

Currently Available Classes

Have Slim Visit Your Shop

3 and 6 hour sessions (no CE) are offered.
Classes will be customized to whatever your team wants to see, learn or do.
Email SlimTheBarber@gmail.com for more info or to set up a class

Hands-On Classes at Slim's Barbershop

The class can be tailored for you and whatever skills you’d like to improve. You can save money by taking it in a group of up to 4 people or take it one on one for extra attention. Typically, Slim’s demonstration cuts last 30-45 minutes. For a hands-on instruction cut, take your normal cut time and double it.

2-Hour Session: $300 | 3-Hour Session: $400

Email SlimTheBarber@gmail.com for more info or to set up a class

Upcoming Events

Clipper Cutting & Stretching for Stylists Class

November 4, 2019 | 9:30am-Noon

Blush Salon • 77 E. Woodstock St. • Crystal Lake, IL
Pilates Body by Kirsten • 39 N. Williams St. • Crystal Lake, IL

Beginning at 9:30am at Blush Salon in Crystal Lake, Slim will demonstrate a fade with a texturized crop as a full haircut. He will also finish a more traditional styled haircut after the sides and back have been pre cut. The class will then travel around the corner and up the block to Pilates Body By Kirsten for a stretching class tailored for the needs of people who cut hair. Stylists and Barbers stand all day- mostly in the same position.

Ten years ago, Slim could feel his body breaking down. His neck and back were in constant pain and was also diagnosed with a torn labrum in his right shoulder. It seemed like his days of cutting hair were numbered. After years of his body continuing to ache while searching for a place to do yoga or pilates in a small class situation, he found Kirsten's pilates studio nearby in downtown Crystal Lake. He has been going there for Pilates for 6 years and hot (101 degrees) stretching classes for almost 2 years. He swears the stretching and core strengthening that both methods provide have saved his career as a haircutter. Carrie Ann will be instructing a low heat (80 degrees) stretching class designed specifically with haircutters in mind. You will not be sorry taking this groundbreaking class and you may learn some things that can improve your life both behind the chair and in your non work time as well.

Email SlimTheBarber@gmail.com for more info


A big part of Slim’s Barber Shop’s success has been the online video content. Slim has a bachelor’s degree in communications and focused on television production. He makes all his own videos. Some of the videos featured on this site are free. Some are offered as online rentals. When you pay for the video rental, your browser should take you to a private link where you can view the video. Add the web address to your favorites and you will be able to watch the video as many times as you’d like until the link for the video expires. Your link will also be emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase. The video will be good at for at least one week after you pay for the rental (not one week from when you play it the first time). Hopefully, with the help of these rentals, Slim’s kids will continue to eat. So please, do not try to pirate these videos.


Haircut Education

Edits as tight as his cuts

30 Second Commercial with a borrowed theme from The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas commercial. The video and the hairstyles featured in the commercial were all cut by Slim himself – pun intended.

Watch Video

Pompadour w/ Tight Sides

Cut by Slim the Barber

A video showing Slim cutting one of his most famous haircut models and future barber @RonStopAction. Music by Chicago’s own J.C. Brooks and the Uptown Sound.

Watch Video

Custom Clipper Comb

With Slim the Barber

A “how to” which shows the basic techniques to employ while using Slim’s custom curved combs. These combs are fantastic for clipper over comb cutting and texturizing.

Watch Video

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